A2Z of Personal Finance

The table below lists down the posts as and when published in this series of A2Z of Personal Finance, be it about managing your finances, analysing your investments or saving on taxes.

S. No. Alphabet Topic Title of the Post
1. A Annual Financial Resolutions Financial Resolutions for the Upcoming Year!
Additional Disclosures in Income Tax Returns Additional Disclosures in Income Tax Returns
2. B Budget Personal Budgeting Tips
Banking Ombudsman Banking Ombudsman – Last Mile Solution to your Banking Grievances
3. C Credit Cards Credit Cards – A Boon or a Bane!
CIBIL Score CIBIL Score – Credit History of your debts
4. D Diversification Diversify to Reduce Risks
Debt Funds Debt Funds – An Alternate Investing Avenue
5. E Extra Incomes Extra Incomes and their Taxation!
Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) ELSS – Clubbing Investing and Tax Saving together
6. F Filing Income Tax Returns Filing Income Tax Returns
Form 26AS Form 26AS – Your Tax Credit Statement
7. G Gold Investing in Gold!
Gold Bonds Gold Bonds – A New Way of Investing in Yellow Metal
8. H House Should you Buy or Rent a House?
9. I Informed Investor Be an Informed Investor!
10. J Just the Right Time Just the Right Time to Invest in Markets – Never!
11. K Keep it Simple, Studpid Keep it Simple, Stupid
12. L Liquid Funds Liquid Funds – Hard Working Brother of Savings Account!
13. M Marriage Marriage and Money Matters!
14. N
15. O Ombudsman
16. P
17. Q Quit these Habits Quit these Habits for Better Financial Future
18. R Real Estate An Affordable way to Invest in Real Estate!
19. S Startups Stepping Stones to Startups!
20. T
21. U Unclaimed Amounts
22. V Value Investing
23. W  Wish to Travel  Wish to Travel Happy -Some Money Tips
24. X
25. Y Y-Gen Habits Avoid these Typical Y-Gen Habits
26. Z Zero