While today I complete 2 years of my articleship, there still remains 1 and a half year for the completion of prescribed period of 3 and a half years of articleship. There has been a mixed experience of articleship for me with a major share of my time being a happy one.

March 19, 2007 and March 19, 2009 – Things have changed a lot from then in me, both on the personal as well as professional front. The day I started I still remember, I was very much excited about what kind of work I would be getting. While I had been visiting office to get my papers ready before the start of my articleship, I could see that I would be the sole article there but the very first day at the office, one of the office’s clients came with his relative who was also for the same purpose in the office as me. So, it just went good for me.My exams were just two weeks away and I still chose to come to office for a couple of hours upon my initiative so that I could just get a sneak peak into what I have got ahead for me, and yes, those two weeks surely helped me to adjust with the environment in the office.

Not getting much of the on site audits, I was confined more to the office work, which was by no means any lesser. 😉 But as the time went by, I was given the opportunity to handle the concurrent audit of one of the largest bank branches in our city, and well, you know what, my first month there was the most important one as it was the annual closing and I had to work a bit overtime too to get the report ready by 3rd of April while the regular date to submit the report remained at 10th of the next month. So, it was a good and learning time keeping with the deadline while I was also getting myself prepared for my 2nd year final exams. The deadline was met 🙂 and then I had a lovely time with the bank audit. And well, another good time happened when we went to BHEL Industrial Valves Plant, Goindwal for its statutory audit in Dec 08 and for the purpose of finalising the quarterly accounts of the Plant.

Although I have had these and many more good and nice experiences to share (rest of these later on), it is also true that sometimes, surely felt that we deserved a little bit of freedom more. 😛 I But the feeling used to be only temporary as usually the knowledge enriched through articleship compensated many times more.

I thought to write this post in office so While celebrating the day today, a couple of Income Tax returns are lying in front of me to be prepared and yes, after 2 years of articleship training, I surely see a good change in me and I see myself much more organised and disciplined.

And well for people who are still confused what articleship is, it is the name given to practical training imparted under Chartered Accountancy course curriculum.

So, while I prepare some Income Tax returns, I sign out from here, Sayonara.

5 thoughts on “Articleship Gets 2 Years Old Today!!”

  1. means aj koi kamm nai office vich..!!

    Congratulations 🙂 these milestones are really important and serve as checkpoints 🙂

    Keep Working Hard..!!

  2. absolutely articleship is one of the most important part in CA curriculum,earlier even i was just busy with books only but doing things practically gives a diiferent experience-
    very well wriitten simar
    gud gng
    keep it up

  3. gud yaar.. office me blog.. seems like .. u hav really got a gud ca who gives u complete freedom to do all dis stuff.wese u hav chosen a gud topic of articleship as it has alwz been a hot discussion among ca students.. who are regularly ruined n exploited by their so called ”khadoos” ca’s.n dats really gud dat u hav completed more than half of ur tym.. gud luck fr ur remainig one..

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