Oh, what a tiring week it had been. However, being an exception, the busyness could not be attributed towards my office schedule. Actually, my grandmother got operated last week as she fell outside Golden Temple. After 3-4 days, she got leave from hospital and now she is at our place and I have been helping out my mom to take care of her. So, while earlier office used to keep me busy, now after the busy days at the office are gone, I got busy at home.    And well, due to the blood requirement for the operation, I also donated blood at the blood bank last sunday. The blood was just flowing out from my body and I was still sitting idle. 😉 The doctors got me around half a kg lighter as they took approximately an equivalent amount of blood out of my body. Speaking in actual terms, 350 ml of blood was sucked from my blood vein. Got this figure from the doctor who was attending me. 🙂   I also just confirmed my blood group from them and well, while they tested it, I got my reason for the positive and optimistic vibrations I am often known to pass on to my friends. That’s because even my blood says ‘Be Positive’ (B +ve). Well, that’s my blood group. 😀 Sounds quite filmy na?   It was Prakash Gurpurab (Birth Day) of our 4th Guru, Guru Ram Das Ji – on 9th Oct. It was a big celebration at the Golden Temple and a day before, large procession of sangat in the form of Nagar Kirtan was made. The whole Golden Temple was glowing with lights and there was a spectacular fire cracker show (Aatishbaazi) too. For those who missed the celebrations, you can enjoy similar celebrations on Diwali day which comes on 17.10.2009. Diwali is also celebrated in Amritsar with great enthusiasm.   On Sunday, the gurpurab was also celebrated in our area and it was a nice and soul soothing program. I enjoyed katha and kirtan there. 🙂 I expect the photographs of the procession that took place in our area too on Sunday to reach me sooner and would try uploading the same to share with.   For now, its time to close the office and this post. So, bye all. Sayonara. God Bless.

4 thoughts on “Be Positive!! That’s What My Blood Says to Me!!”

  1. hey my blood group is also same and our sun sign is also same so i m also positive as u
    n u r a gr88 positive person n ur positivity flows to all near u
    remain same dude
    keep similing happy diwali

  2. yeah luckily this time i neither missed gurpurab at Golden Temple and not Diwali:)
    Pics of Golden are amazing
    and boys getting busy with home affairs is rare case

  3. I will not acquiesce in on it. I think nice post. Particularly the designation attracted me to review the sound story.

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