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The above title to all may seem like a pure filmi dialogue but that’s what we are witnessing in Punjab since Sunday. Shops are being ransacked, trains are being burnt, highways are being jammed and what not is beiung done to protest against the communal clash in a Gurdwara at Vienna (Austria) and eventual death of the Saint Baba Ramanand Ji, Dera Sachkhand Ballan, Jalandhar (Punjab). The followers of the Dera who are among the followers of the Bhagat Ravidas Ji, said to be around 14-15 Lacs in the Punjab territory have been on the road against the said incident, putting Punjab into flames and getting all the life in Punjab to a standstill. Financial organisations like Banks, business places, educational institutes are closed. Curfew in some of the cities in Punjab has also been imposed. Trains to the state have been cancelled. What all we are witnessing over here in Punjab can be said to be an extreme emotional outcome.

However, without any disregard to the Dera followers, I wish to express my opinion on such protests. It can be understood that they are very much angry upon the death of their religious leader but it must also be understood that spreading violence is not a proper way to protest against the same. Atleast public property must not be destroyed, and nor should be the private property even. There are some peaceful ways to protest too. What I understand from these protests is that these protests are against the Govt. and not against any other community as most of the property being destroyed is the public property and the people are annoyed with the Govt. for not taking immidiete actions for the enquiry of the incident. But still, they must understand that the dimplomatic efforts take their own time.

Also, continuing with my habit of looking into the brighter sides of the things, what I am seeing that this incident also saw the Dera followers all over the state getting united in one go, though not for a good reason. I request all of them that please do remain united and involve in peaceful protests only. Putting the buses and trains into the flames is not going to bring any solution.

Penning down my opinion may have hurt anybody’s sentiments or feelings and if such thing be, kindly excuse me for the same.

And for now, I just wish to tune into the TV for more of the news from the state. May this fire extinguish soon!

2 thoughts on “The Burning Punjab!!”

  1. simar i completely agree with u dat protest is necessary but not in this way when common people becomes the victim of the protest and also the public property is destroyed.. Steps should be taken but not atleast this way when the whole state is suffering.. whatevr u hav written .. dabove lines which u dedicated …are absolutely correct..dat this kind of violence shud be stopped.

  2. i agree ur point of view that protest of this kind effect comman people more than any one else but this is not the way that one should keep silence when some bloody nonsense people try to play with someones religious freedom in that way i think this is the most probable way of showing protest .

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