Hi Friends!!
Its again been a week or so since our last interaction. The days gone by were a kind of mixed experience for me altogether.

First of all, what kept me busy in the last week was the returns rush in the office, July 31st being the last day for filing of returns for non-corporate & non-audit assessees. Preparing lot of returns in the office while getting lesser lunch break in between at the office turned out to be fun for us as we would turn on our PC’s speakers with a lowest possible, yet listenable, voice. 🙂 In our quest for breaking the monotony of our tasks, I came across a really kool collection of instrumentals on the net. The instrumental collection is among the top played items now in Winamp at my office PC. 🙂

Now, I suppose, you all must be thinking that why have I chosen such a title since July 31st has already passed away. So, let me clarify on that please first. September 30th is the due date for getting tax audits done by the income tax assessees, so while the current time-bound tasks at hand were successfully accomplished, I can reasonably expect more busy times in the days to come, and as far as I know our different client’s accoutants, they all would be coming to our office after Independence Day. So, busy days seem just a week away. Still, I hope I would enjoy those busy times as this time, I seem to fairly understand the audit processes and further, I don’t have my exams in November this year to steal my enjoyment from the work, just like what happened last year.

In the last few posts, I have always written over the hot and humid weather over here these days, but my Monsoon tale from the last post seems to continue. Monsoons still don’t seem sure enough to pour over here and that leaves us with a sweaty weather.

More fun was waiting for me this week as I had a kind of a relaxing sunday with a small dinner outing in the later half of the day. More enjoyment was there for me this Sunday as I got to watch some pretty nice movies : Luv Aajkal – movie with pretty nice music and I really wanted to watch it and moreover it was one from Imtiaz Ali, Fashion – a movie I can watch anytime and any number of times, PC rox and lastly, it was Saajan – again a great movie with too good songs and yeah, not to forget the weekly feature film Jab We Met. 🙂 Luv Aajkal turned good fun to watch as Saif & Deepika have done a reasonably good job in the movie. Lot more could have been expected from ‘Jab We Met’ Director and he didn’t really put down the high expectations from him. Music is nice and I would recommend you to listen ‘Ye Doorian’ and ‘Ajj Din Chadheya’ songs from the movie. For the other two movies, I don’t think I need to make a review of them.

It was a week of days to celebrate with Friendship Day and Raksha Bandhan coming in it, so had lots of meetha to eat this week. But one thought which I definitely would like to share with you all regarding Friendship Day is that do we need a seperate day to show our friends that we care for them. Even though I too sent all my friends the wishes for the day but still, I don’t really go with the idea of Friendship Day and for all the supporters of the day, can you please answer the question that do friends get less special on the rest of the days of the year? I had also started tweeting a while ago but the day I joined, I already knew I can’t be glued to it for a longer time and well, it turned true and its already 10 days since my last tweet.

Well, besides all the things I’ve shared with you all right now, one of the most undesirable things once again happened and my PC Operating System once again crashed. So, I ended up installing it once again 2nd Sunday in a row, though the Mission OS didn’t prove to be successful as I eventually figured out that my PC was infected with a virus and I needed to format the whole drive. So, these days, am busy arranging for my disk’s backup. That has also kept me away from updating my blog.

That’s it for now from Simardeep Singh.

Would be back soon.

Sayonara. God bless.

2 thoughts on “Busy Days are Over or Back Again??”

  1. So Mr.CA is enjoying work n having fun too thats pretty gud te hear!
    And yes i would like to ans ur ques abt frdship day,naa we don need any day to show our care n love for frds becoz if u have care n love u show it evryday in evry moment u communicate wid yaa frds.
    Have gr88 time
    tc god bless ya

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