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I could not find any better title than this one as it really depicts the week gone by for me. Busy because of my daily schedule. 6 hours at office and a couple of hours in classes not including a couple of hours spent waiting for the classes to start though.
I would still term the week as a relaxing one, the primary reason being it gave a bit of relief from the heat wave in the city through the pre-monsoon rains, though we are still waiting for some more rain since that day, even when the meteorological scientists say that monsoon has already spread over the country – I don’t think so.
It was after a pretty long time that I watched some new movies after stealing time for it. I followed Winston Churchil’s quote for it, “If you don’t have night in the day, steal it from night.” 🙂
New York movie starring John Abraham, Katrina Kaif & Neil Nitin Mukesh was good, a great one in fact for me. I liked the story line, though I would have preferred Katrina not dying and marrying Neil in the climax. John particularly has done a great job, not ignoring Katrina & Neil’s performances but after the movie, I have a question for Mr. Irfan Khan, “Why does he always end up in a role interrogating someone, first in Slumdog and now in New York?” ;-P
Second one I watched in the week was Kambakht Ishq. The story line was not good, but Akshay and Kareena manage to give me some entertainment. I give New York higher ratings than Kambakht Ishq for sure, both for the story line as well as the music. 
Right now, I am watching IIFA Awards and well, it has been a good show so far watching so many nice performances and nice comparing by Lara Dutta, Riteish Deshmukh & Boman Irani. The award show seems to be finishing up as the Best Director award has already been announced and am planning to fly off to my land of dreams after then. 
Sayonara :-z

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