Commuting from office to home in Delhi in monsoons is no less than a big challenge, due to never-ending traffic jam on the roads. But I have a wonderful idea to keep all the traffic off the roads. Just keep an India Pakistan ODI match everyday, and whole of the nation including Delhi will be glued on to TV sets instead of increasing the on-road traffic. Cricket is no less than a religion in the country and Sachin Tendulkar, the living God. I still remember one of my job interviews had to be postponed since the interview was supposed to be held in Chandigarh and the day coincided with Indo-Pak World Cup semifinal clash in Mohali.

While thousands of Delhiites were stuck yesterday in #DelhiMetro technical snag at Lakshmi Nagar, the time coincided with the start of the Ashes test between England and Australia. Ashes rivalry has always been as historic as Indo-Pak matches. One of my friends stuck in the Metro was constantly ringing me up for getting the latest updates on the match. Being in office, I asked him to download any news app to get such updates, but due to large number of concurrent internet connections near his location, the net speed did not allow him to make any new downloads. Searching some other option, I came across a wonderful option of embedded Cricketing action in the browser itself.

Guess what, I told him this wonderful option and he didn’t have to call me again for any further updates. Luckily, UC Browser was already in the smart phone, since it is one of the best mobile browsers which allows faster browsing over the net. It has recently added an embedded option to catch up all the cricket updates within the browser itself. No more missing Yuvi ke sixes or Starc’s bowled victims. Want to see the latest score of the ongoing match, or eager about the schedule of the upcoming matches, UC Cricket is here as a one-stop solution.

It is very easy to connect to cricket in UC Browser. Clicking an icon titled ‘UC Cricket’ on the home screen and here we are connected to all the cricket updates.  It features live Scores with auto updates, fixtures & result, latest news and videos. Do check out the link here for complete details.

So, while the technical snag at #DelhiMetro caused inconvenience to many including my friend, it got me known of this wonderful option and yes, bye-bye now to all the cricket apps to fasten my phone and this option in UC Browser is all I need now to connect to internet, wherever I am. Watch the video here to get more eager:

#YuvisurfsUC and so do I. When do you plan to start?

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