It’s the New Year’s Day and I thought to start the year with a treat for all my readers. Amritsar is known to be a foodie’s paradise and no wonder, the taste buds are on a constant yum treat as you move across the city. While the list is certainly longer, I have tried getting the best among the rest for a delicious day in the city.

1. Kanha Sweets with Puri Chane


Your foodie day in Amritsar should start with breakfast at Kanha Sweets, Lawrence Road, Amritsar. Puri served with Chane and Launji (tangy flavored potatos) combo and salad is what you will receive in your plate and you can top it up with a glass of Lassi. Don’t forget to have tasty Halwa as dessert.

2. Amritsari Kulcha


If you visit Amritsar and don’t eat Amritsari Kulcha, the journey will always be incomplete. One may find so many pirated variants of Amritsari Kulcha in their own cities as stuffed naan, choor-choor nan but the original certainly retains the crown. Amritsari Kulcha is a stuffed maida roti, prepared in tandoor and served with Chhole/ Chane. You may find Amritsari Kulcha joints in every corner of the city but I will recommend three joints – Kulwant Kulche Wala near Golden Temple, Purani Chungi Wale Kulche at Maqbool Road and Monu Kulcha at Loharka Road. Go for Amritsari Kulcha without counting the calories and you are bound to enjoy the taste.

3. Gurdas Ram Jalebiyan Wala


As one walks back from Golden Temple towards the parking area, in a small lane at a corner point is our sweets destination. Gurdas Ram Jalebiyan wala is a famous shop serving Pure Desi Ghee Jalebis. One can’t resist the temptation of crossing the shop and not having the tasty jalebis, but you need to be really lucky to escape the rush around the shop to get some quick Jalebi.

4. Rajasthani Chat Bhandar


Well, if you were so tempted by the Jalebis, just try looking on the other side of the shop too. Exactly opposite the Jalebi wala shop is Rajasthani Chat Bhandar. A taste you will certainly relish, the shop offers you Dahi Bhalla, Papri Chat, Dahi Bhalla Chat and Golgappas aka Paani Puris. And not to forget the tasty Chatnis sprinkled over the Chat/ Dahi bhalla for some special flavor.

5. Kesar Da Dhaba

After some Evening snacks, it’s now dinner time and your destination invariably has to be ‘Kesar Da Dhaba’. It is around 5 minutes walking distance from Golden Temple. Located in a small lane near Guru Bazar, you shouldn’t rely upon a four-wheeler to reach there. You would need to walk till the Dhaba.


Try it out for an authentic Dal Makhni and Lachha Parantha Thaali and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Just a word of caution, don’t let the ghee dripping from Paranthas and dal deviate your focus on the calories and deter your commitment to great taste.

So, now after you have given yourself a yummy treat in the city of Amritsar, it will not be a surprise if next time you get your blood tested, it tests ‘Ghee Positive’.


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5 thoughts on “Delicacies You Can’t Miss in Amritsar”

  1. My mistake to open this post for reading, and it left me aching to have all these yummm-licious Punjabi food…. They look so tasty and some of them are my favorites. Simar, not fair…ab toh Amritsar aana padega 🙂

  2. Very informative… Have heard so much about amritsari kulchas… Waiting to go there

  3. No, you can’t do this leaving tempting to these super-mouthwatering dishes images on your blog. I enjoyed this post and seriously I felt that sometime from now if you ever think about your giveaways campaign you should give us trip to Amritsar to have these delicacies.
    Hahaha. anyways, enjoyed the visual treat!

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