Life¬†gives you many reasons to smile, writing my blog post gives me one more. ūüôā
Sometimes¬†in life, we feel like experimenting with ourselves. I too got this thought once¬†around 10 years back. And that‚Äôs when I ventured to fill an application for a¬†National Level science show ‘Hum Honge Kamyaab’. Though this might not sound an experiment at first¬†instance, it definitely was, for me who was pursuing Commerce stream. I got¬†called up by my principal who asked me to attempt to clear the prelims for the¬†national level science competition. It had already been a year for me in¬†Commerce and I was surprised why I was being asked to go for the competition¬†when the bright lot in Science stream was also available. However,¬†notwithstanding my initial reluctance, I along with one of my friends in
Medical stream, filled up the form. However, once the form was sent, we both really forgot about it.
However, after exactly a month of sending, in the first of March, 2005, I received a call from the organisers that me and my friends’ name had been shortlisted among 200 students across the country and we were now to appear in a written test which will enable the organisers to select the 36 students who will finally compete in the national completion. We both accompanied by his grandfather went to New Delhi to appear for the test. It was an exciting journey for me, as the sense of thrill was biting me. What if I get selected? How will I even make my participation felt, considering I was from non-science stream. Still, there was something within which kept me pushing.
A week after the test, it was a moment of happiness when I received a call from New Delhi informing me that I was one among 36 students selected across the country. But yes, I was told to bring a team mate with me to participate in the competition which will happen in a week long camp in New Delhi. I approached my friend from Medical stream which expressed his inability to come with me, since he would have to sacrifice his classes for that duration. I was in a fix now since I had to go with a team mate and I was required to intimate the organisers at the earliest. And then one of my seniors came across my mind. I conveyed him the idea and yippee, he agreed to accompany me. The best thing about this was that he also had his Commerce stream and we were now a team of Commerce students in a national level Science competition.
It¬†was a week long camp and our team was there in New Delhi with my elder brother¬†as our team‚Äôs guardian. As we reached the camp, we also got to know that the¬†competition will be shot with one celebrity anchor and would later be telecast¬†on DD National Channel. So, we were going to get on the ‚Äėidiot box‚Äô. We were¬†handed out the scheme of events and honestly speaking, those eight days were¬†amongst the best days I had. We were given the task of creating a keyless door¬†and when the judgement was going on for our model, one of the judges also made¬†a remark that we were close enough to the victory. However, after knowing that¬†our team was a purely Commerce team, he was surprised that how could we manage¬†to come so far. And yes, that simple expression has made me believe that anything¬†is possible with sheer determination and belief in self.
Gaurav Gera, our anchor for the Show
The day of our Shoot
This¬†one experiment surely did change my attitude towards life, and I started¬†believing more in myself. The interaction that happened in the camp with other¬†students, the organizing team and the team behind the production of the show¬†was really something that has brought a drastic change in me. My school friends¬†who left the school in 10th also tell me the same that the ‚ÄėSimardeep‚Äô¬†we know was a quiet studious guy and the one who we see now is a different one altogether.
The day I am writing this post marks exactly 10 years of the day I got back from the camp. But with pride I say, I am still in touch with most of the friends I made there.
This experiment filled me with optimism and taught me to always look up.’s latest ad campaign reminds me of the all those glorious days since it always wants me to look up and look optimistic.

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