Looking back at the year 2009, it has been a year for me which gave me more smiles than tears. Bidding goodbye to the year, I just take some time to revisit some of the important events in my life this year.
The year started with a bad note for the Indian Corporate Sector when Satyam’s director Mr. Ramalinga Raju confessed window dressing the company’s accounts and thus came as a huge shock to the most of the investors and the stock price crashed to the unexpected lows. With no monetary interest in the company, it came as another event which CA students, in particular, needed to study as it was expected to feature in our exams as a case study.
The first big news for me in the year was my CA Inter result which was announced on Jan. 29. Although I was expecting a good score, an All India rank in the exams was a great moment of joy and delight for me. The journey so far had been quite challeneging while coping up with B.Com and CA simultaneously, but it also magnified the happiness quotient it provided me with. Moving into the Final stage of my course, I acknowledge that the expectations are also higher upon me now and I just wish that God Bless me to fulfill all those expectations.
I had been trying to have some space of mine on the net which I could say as my own and finally, it came up as my own blog, ‘Direct Dil Se’, the place where you are landed presently. It has been quite a good blogging time for me and I hope I can continue it for more time.
Although this time, it took me more time than ever to update my blog, but the main culprit for that is irregular power supply in the city which also left me morer occupied in the office.
By the end of the month, it was also the time to say goodbye to our college, it was a place where we spent the last three glorious years of my life. I may always remember it as my Masti Ki Paathshala. A masti ki pathshala which made me come across some of my great friends, some nice people and some not so nice people, keeping my college life a happy one with a pinch of masala in it. 😀
While we moved into the month of May, my parents touched an important milestone into their married life, they completed 25 golden years of their married life and celebrated their Silver anniversary. Small surprise by we two brothers in the night and kirtan in the evening summed up our celebrations of this moment of happiness for us. 🙂
As the year passed by and moved into the month of July, our B.Com results got announced and I cleared it with a reasonable score, a 70+ was what I wished to get and well, the results fulfilled my wish. It officially posted a The End note to my college life and finally, I could call myself a Graduate and add a degree after my name.
On the last note, I also hope for a more happier and joyful 2010 for myself and for all of you. The year also brings me across my finals in my CA course and I hope these go good. Your blessings and wishes are highly welcomed for the coming year.
Goodbye 2009 and bye all. Meet you in the New Year.

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