I have been always wanting to write this post since a week but never really could get some free time to recollect treasures of my college life and pen them down but then I thought it important to write them down as I had to express my emotions somewhere and I suppose that’s the purpose I made this blog for. Saturday Feb 28 marked the end of my college life officially, and honestly, I am not feeling good for that. Though it means a stepping stone in my life, a step which opens up some more fields for me to explore and some more memories to cherish. May be it would also mean an empty slot in my daily schedule, even though emptiness may not be felt that much due to busyness which my CA training gives me.

Having a look at my schooling days, the life used to be as if those days would not end. But one day, it was time to say goodbye to school and pressing the emotional trigger a bit more, I was asked to say the fairwell message on behalf of my whole batch. But, then there was curiousity in my mind as to what surprises college life has for us as there was lots of talk about the fun college life has. And well, the curiousity was worth it.

College life really gave me some good moments , some great moments and yes, some not that good moments too. I still remember the very first day of my college when we were really lost and not finding where our classes were and then we were scolded by the lecturer because we were late in the class. That day and the present, the time period encloses a very happy period of my life. I suppose college life helped me a great deal to get to where I am today. First year, I was really enjoying the college times, a regular attendant of the lectures usually found his way to the Internet Lab in the college after the college hours. Kamal Sir, thanks to you, my college life got a great start. 😀 Second Year, there were not so happy times in the class, lots of quarrels usually for the reasons very much avoidable though none of those involved me and outside the class after the lectures, I had got some very good friends and if anybody among them is reading this post, I have enjoyed our times together in college and keep in touch always. and now the final year, I could not attend the college lectures much because of the timings clashing with my CA training due to new rules framed by our Institute. Still, after my CA Inter exams, I had been a bit regular to the college as I thought not to miss the last days of my college life and frame some more good memories to possess my whole life.

Another thing which was really very much great for me that I made some great friends outside my class as well. And another funny thing was that whoever I got friends with had happened to be in his/her final years whether in my first year or the second year. So, with a less than a year time in college together, I used to have some moist eyes at the time of their farewell though the end of our times together in college didn’t really mean that our times together really ended and I am still in touch with most of them. Still, thanks to them, their company assured me that I used to be happy even when there were some -ve vibes in the class.

It would have been a great college life but for one incident which really shook our whole class and one of the most enjoying person of our class, Anubhav was just snatched away from us & he now rests in peace and I do always pray for him. I still remember his calls to me which usually I did not pick and then he would just visit my house during the exams to get the important chapters for the exam from me. Had been a nice person for the time we spent together in class and it was really a shocker for us when we heard about his acident.
But then, the life goes on and it will always go on. Miss you brother.

And one thing which I take with me as the college life ends is that whether we are happy or not, the show still goes on and that time does not really come back as it was. Make the best of the PRESENT and don’t repent over the things in the past. Following this simple rule will help us mould a bright future for us. That’s what I have learnt from my experiences.

Now, just putting a break to the flow of emotions, I bid farewell to the college life with a smile.

Bye DAV. 😀

6 thoughts on “Goodbye College!!”

  1. dats realy sooooo nice! each n every word truly seems to b DIRECT DIL SE!!!! Ur matter realy made me recall my school n college days wich gave me very good frnz,teachers nd beatiful memories wich make me laugh even in isolation.. i wish v cud get back 2 dat life…..

  2. It is really very nice yaar i also remember my school & college days, what a fun v use to do in those days. M missing those days of my life, they will never com back. Thanks bro thanks a lot for helping me to recognize those days once again. Bye n god bless u. Tc.

  3. All the very very best for ur future Simar…
    Mine blessings are alwayzz wid u….either u hv nt mentioned my name anywhere….hehehe..Ur College time is over nd i’m marking a comma to my teaching carrer,but ven ever i luk back the sweetest and naughty memories of ur class vill give my face a smile curve…Tk cr..

  4. By reading dis blog of urs each n every moment of our college life just became alive n moving in front of my eyes, i experienced all the moments of dese wonderfull 3 yrs once again in just few minutes.
    It was great fun frd to be wid u nd yes we missed u in last year a lot.
    miss me nd remember me (vaise bhulan tan main dendi nai)
    miss u
    keep similing
    God Bless u

  5. I know bidding goodbye is hard! But make this one happy and memorable. I m having very sweet memories of your class. I wish u all the very best for your future ahead. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.I just want to say:

    May you always have work for your hands to do.
    May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
    May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
    May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
    May the hand of a friend always be near you.
    And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
    Good luck and God bless you.

  6. so many compliments u hav already got on dis post.. i dun thnk dat i need to say any more abt it.. as evryone overhere has said those words.. which u deserve.. n which i ws to write aftr reading your post. the only thng i wanted to say is.. dat u made me cry.. n at d same time happy.. through this post. n brought back d moments i forgot in my busy life. one thng i learnt n u reminded also.. saying dat make d best of present.. dats really true.. coz dese moments dat v make nw, make d buk of our life more beautiful wid decorations on each page of our life..n adding to my page… one moment i made today is reading ur post.which together brought so many moments wid it…thnx dude.

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