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I am back to my blog after a relatively longer period of time, simply because I could not find myself with enough time to be online. The week went a bit busy, no major reasosn though. 😉
First of all, I had my last exam of my graduation which had been earlier postponed after a week of holidays and that too on a Sunday. So, simply I was not really getting a feel of an exam while going to college for giving the exam. 😛 Paper was a bit unexpected though, the paper setters diverted from the paper style in the question. However, the exam goes smoothly and my graduation exams end.
After the exam, I had to go to one of my friends’ birthday party. Had a great time there because meeting friends in a relaxed mood, out of the exam’s worries really set the tone for the day.
That Sunday had got some more for me and in the night, I got the information that my poem on Secularism (Read it at  http://simardeep88.blogspot.com/2009/04/india-is-secular-state.html) had gone for publishing in Dainik Bhaskar’s State Edition. It hasn’t yet been published though but will be in the print soon.
Be on a lookout for my poem in Dainik Bhaskar. 😉

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  1. That’s great mundya ji! Do post it on your blog once its published ;). Can’t wait to read it!!

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