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I had been absent from my blog since a long month as my schedule kept me quite busy. However, while the busy days are expected to continue, I am back to my blogspace to share with you something which I penned down on Women’s Day. I was just listening radio and some discussions out there pushed me to write some lines on the same. So, well, below are the lines portraying a gal’s random thoughts regarding gender Discrimination & Female Foeticide. I hope you like these.

क्यों फ़र्क रखता है समाज यहाँ पे,
जब हर रस्ते पे यह जीत पाती है,
हर मैदान में, हर क्षेत्र में,
कन्धे से कन्धा यह मिलाती है,

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हुई झाँसी की रानी थी एक यहाँ,
जो लड़ते लड़ते इतिहास बन गई,
कल्पना चावला हो या सायना नेहवाल,
लोगों के सपनों की वो राह बन गई,

वोह बिटिया अब बोझ क्यों लगती है,
जो उस्से धरती पे आने का अधिकार नहीं,
माँ कहे ना आना इस देस लाडो,
तेरा जन्म यहाँ किसी को स्वीकार नहीं,
है ज़रूरत आवाज़ बुलंद करने की,
कब तक रहोगे इस सचाई से अनजान,
कह गए है गुरु नानक भी,
सो क्यों मंदा आखिए जित जमे राजान,
लड़की रहे बंद यहाँ चारदीवारी में,
उस्से भी तुम उसका हक़ दिल्वाओ,
खत्म ना हो जाए लड़की जात यहाँ पे,
धरती की इस नन्ही छाँव को बचाओ,

मिले जो ऐसा प्यार यहाँ पे,
हर लड़की कहे यही दुआ तुम दीजो,
सृष्टि की अनमोल रचना है हम,
अगले जन्म मोहे बिटिया ही कीजो।


It’s time to raise your voice against female foeticide. I hope these lines help the cause. Do reply back with your comments. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Ik Soch Anjani Si!!”

  1. hey simar,very nice n provoking composition. n spcly d very last lines
    "Mile jo aisa pyar yahan pe,
    har ladki kahe yehi dua tum dijo
    Srishti ki anmol rachna hum,
    Agle janam mohe bitia hi kijo"
    i found these lines very touching. n also the inclusion of those guru nanak dev ji's lines..is very apt.
    hey my gift was really worthed. thanx.

  2. A very true and meaningful poem. Hope that one day all of these differences could just stop. Thank you so much for sharing. Regards, Tulsinder Kaur.

  3. seriusly u wrt very wel as 2dy as v r in 21st century,bt grls r still subjected to d tyranny of discrimination.. though said to b a man's btr half..n dis discrimination whch preceeds her birth n is thr thru out hr life. being a grl i can understand n truly ur words r describing d truth.. very gud its an awesm one..

  4. aaye is jahan me hum bhi,
    yehi hamara thikana hai,,
    Kyon rakhte ho anjaan humko,,
    ye bhi yo humara zamana hai,,

    khilti huyi kaliyan hain hum,,
    phool banne do Hame, khushbu de jayenge,
    na kuchlo samazik riwajon k tale,,
    hum Ruth Gaye to fir na ayenge,,
    hosh ik bar apne sambhal k dekho,,
    khud ko kya zinda paoge?
    Jo karte ho wyawahar hamse kya khud ko doshi nahin paoge?
    har rasm Aur riwazon me jaakadkar bhi humne thaani hai,,
    naari hain hum abla nahin,,
    Ab hak se ladne ki baari hai,,
    kavita ki Kalam se,, on this special day..

    nicely written simar,, I appreciate the efforts and thoughts

  5. It is always a delight to read ur poems.. beautifully put up…I wish these thoughts reaches every corner of the country n the girls are no More treated as a liability

  6. Very nice. Thought provoking lines Simardeep. I hope people understand this and we get to see some change in our country.

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