.hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { font-size: 10pt; font-family:Verdana } Hi Friends!! After a couple of my exams pass away peacefully and leaving me with a happy face while coming out of the exam hall, I am back again to my very own blog.
Between my last blog and today, I saw some shoe throwing practice by one of the journalists towards our very own Home Minister and a person whom I admire a lot due to some great reforms in Indian Financial Sturucture, Mr. P. Chidambaram. Although the whole incident was termed as an emotional outcome, it really made me think over a highly sensitive matter of religion-based divide in the country, a propoganda which political parties use as and when it suits them without even caring for what its outcome could be. So, I just wrote few lines to let all get reminded that quoting the words of the Preamble to our Constitution of India, India is a Sovereign, Socialist, SECULAR, Democratic and Republican State. This has been really my first attempt towards any general issue and I hope you like these.
Kahin hai Jesus toh Kahin hai Raam,
Kahin Hai Nanak Kahin Ali Ka Naam..
Btaya humko tha kisine bachpan ki ik shaam,
kehne ko sab alag hai lekin sabka ek hai kaam..
Sabhi sikha gye hain humko sabse karna pyaar,
na rakhna kisi se bair tum na karna atyachaar..
is dunia ki bheed mein hum jaise kayi hazaar,
kar sako toh kalyug mein karna tum sach ka karobaar..
dharm ke thekedaaron ne ki dharti khoon se geeli,
is dangon ki holi mein gujarat bachaa na dilli..
Swarn Mandir mein fauj ho ya akshardham mein goli,
mera seena na karo chhalni yeh bharat mata boli..
bhul chuke toh sunlo sab khol ke apne kaan,
hindu muslim sikh isayi akhir hain toh sab insaan..
hum us desh k vaasi hai jahan sab hai ek samaan,
is samajik ekta ki toh ustat kare jahaan..

Proud to be a Secular Indian. Are you??

7 thoughts on “India is a Secular State!! :-)”

  1. Hi Simar..

    beautiful and very true lines..

    Hope we can actually think as Indians in real sense..

    Good Luck for exams..!!

    “Guest” Friend.

  2. hi simar.. u did a gud job.. atleast in today’s scenario dis means a lot.. coz nw our leaders spcly hav frgotten dat dey r living in a democratic n secular state.. n hav strtd takin advantage of caste, religion.. n takin dis thng into worse from.. today’s need is to awaken evryone.. n u r serving gud through ur blog.writing dese kinds of lines.. i thnk u shud write in more provocative way so dat it wud encourage ppl like us to take some part in our so called goin wrong practices in our constituency.. actually v dun even bother wht’s goin on around us untill it directly affect us.. simar acc to me u shud write aggressively to motivate sleeping souls like me. rest u r doin gud..

  3. u ll go far in making ppl realise a bit wat r dey upto n wat dey want in der counrty!!
    dese mayb in count as few lil steppin stones towards smthin big!!
    i see u as a person who could stand for society!!!
    do u hav intrest in politicss>>???
    seems yes though!!!
    who nows u become our future president sme day but surelly aftr ur big bro has done wid his job as a president of india in future yrs!! 😉
    gud work keep it up!!!
    n best of luck for ur future big posts as CA n in many other fields too!!

  4. hiii
    very true lines n u have pen down beautifully,these lines give a msg to think over all the sensitive issues which is need of the hour

    GR88888 work frd keep it up n
    god bless u

  5. I’m astonised…u r a gr88 poet too…Ur composition is gr888.
    Aprreicate ur all rounder spirit..
    ven got publish do mention in ur blog..vil buy newspaper for u…hehhehe
    All the very best of luck…

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