Three years back, one horrific incident shook the country, a brutal gang rape on the roads of the Nation’s capital on Dec. 16 night. While the incident had evoked severe protests nationally and internationally, it’s a sad state that India is still waiting for a stronger law against such crimes. So, when today one of the convicts, the Juvenile, gets released after completing three years in the rehabilitation, somewhere in the other world, Jyoti Singh aka Nirbhaya must be posing questions what have we done to get her justice, what were we doing so that many more like her get justice and sadly, we are still so helpless. I thought to write a letter, or I should say, an assurance letter to Nirbhaya, since we are still to give her a tribute she deserves for the courage.

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दिसंबर 16 की एक रात थी काली,
जब भारत माँ की झोली हुई थी खाली,
देश की राजधानी का भी सर झुका था,
जहाँ इंसान ने थी इन्सानियत ही मार डाली।


उस रात ने एक चिंगारी थी लगाई,
और देश की जनता थी सड़कों पर आई,
आग बनी चाहे बस वो थोड़ी देर के लिए,
पर इन्सानियत की सबने आवाज़ थी उठाई।


किसी के घर की थी तुम ज्योति,
पर सड़क पे बेसहारा रही तुम रोती,
ज़िन्दगी से जंग में तुम जीत ना पाई,
जीत भी जाती, तो आज खूब रो रही होती।

दूर कहीं तुमने जो पोंछे आँसू आज,
जो दे ना पाया तुम्हें इन्साफ यह समाज,
तीन साल गुज़रे पर बदल ना पाया कुछ,
जो कानून कल था, वही है आज।

है कोशिश, हम मिलकर कुछ बदलाव ज़रूर लाएँगे,
उस दिन की दरिन्दगी को दुनिया से मिटायेंगे,
एक कड़ा कानून जब देश में हम लाएँगे,
तभी तुम्हें सच्ची श्रद्धांजलि दे पाएँगे,
कोशिश रहेगी, दुनिया को निर्भय हम बनाएँगे,
तभी तुम्हें सच्ची श्रद्धांजलि दे पाएँगे।

Let’s unite towards a stronger Nation and a stronger law against such crimes. That shall be a true tribute to Nirbhaya, India’s daughter.

8 thoughts on “A Letter to Nirbhaya”

  1. I think like Simardeep, every youngster, every person should come ahead and raise the voice against our poor judiciary system, enabling a new and strong law can be made which help to reduce or rather remove the possibility of such heinous crime as happened with Nirbhaya.. I am with you Simardeep…

  2. My best wishes are with you my friend, lets together raise our voices at different platforms we belong for this noble cause.

  3. Very nice Simardeep..India still needs some strict laws against the culprits and people who think they can do anything and nobody can do anything against them. It is a very sad situation and we need to wake up to such ghastly crimes.

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