A year past the tragic incident, the question above still gets me into some thought. I had been seeing people protesting in groups after the attacks, lots of talks about the security problems in the country, not leaving out the deteriorating Indo-Pak relations. However, what still remains a prime question for most of us – Are we Safe in our Country Now or more primarily, Will We be Safe in our Country Again?   I have attempted to pen down a few lines about my thoughts on the issue, my first ever attempt in English, which I deem it as my tribute to the victims of Mumbai Attacks.

Cutting blue waters the terrorists came,
Some plans they had to play the terror game.
Launching an attack on Taj and Oberoi,
Killing everyone seemed their sole aim.
Rounds of bullets and smoke everywhere,
The attacking evil gave no signs to spare.
To all of those trapped inside,
The silence of death seemed so near.
It was our commandos’ attempt so brave,
They just showed the evil its grave.
Success in salvaging the country’s pride,
And all the lives did they save.
A year since Mother India started to bleed,
We seem to have done nothing but just weep.
The wave of terror stands still straight,
Country’s people haven’t yet got out of sleep.
Is it our loss or terror’s gain?
Will we be safe in our country again?
Wake up for the sake of your land,
Let this question not bother us again.
Will there be a safer India anytime,
Will we be safe in our country again?

Disclaimer :- No part of this poem should be copied or published in any form without prior permission. Anyone desirous of doing so can contact me at simardeep88@hotmail.com.

8 thoughts on “Will We Be Safe in Our Country Again?”

  1. beautifuly composed…………..
    atleast i read it twice to find out da answer but hard it is to find answers to such questions……..
    wake up……….!!!
    no words no answer…………still a question mark exsists in my mind!!

  2. first timer here ..have heard so many of them writing on 26/11 terror , but a poem on dis , have been reading for first time 🙂 and it brouhgt back the memories of dark moments again ..good poem 🙂

  3. Written nicely
    do well keep it up
    likhte raho
    jeete raho….lolzzzz ashirwad hai mera
    god bless u

  4. Very wellll.. u r really a good poet….
    I think wen u write..
    U create lovely black on page white
    While reading ur poem I regain 26/11 site
    ur verses surely will provide flying safe kite

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