With a new season of Blogbuddy unfolding, it is now the time to take the real thing, the blogging thing to the next level. While I have been a part of Blogbuddy v1.0 and v2.0 as well, the activities mostly remained confined over the discussion part and the execution part was missing therein. Even though I have had a good time interacting with my fellow bloggers in the earlier seasons, this season seems to promise me an interesting turn with my team members chasing the creativity to its core. It has just been a few days since the teams have been formed, but we have already had our share of some fruitful and creative discussions.

Let me taken an opportunity of introducing my team members here :
Chandni : The creative champ.
Mithila : Part of my earlier blogbuddy group too, she’s deadly when she comes to her creative best.
Shweta : Blogger with love for fiction and blogs right from Swiss Alps.
Deepa : As her handle says, she is a @CreativeMommy.
Gauravi : Being a newbie to the blogging world, she can do wonders over a cup of chai aur biscuit.
Ajay : One Photo please, Say Cheese!
Garima : An enthusiastic and aspiring blogger whom I am yet to know more of.

We are #BlogTrotters because writing is lonely but blogging needs company. After all, #blogbuddy is all about blogging together and growing together. We aim to travel the blogging world together.

Are you with us in this journey?

Thrilled to be part of BlogBuddy and a proud #BlogTrotter

3 thoughts on “A New Season, A New Beginning!”

  1. That’s quite an intro, not just of yourself but the whole #Blogtrotters team. Really appreciate the mention.

    Thank you.

  2. Sweet and short! Glad to connect with you Simar through this campaign and looking forward to know you all more. Agree with you ‘writing is lonely but blogging needs company.” 🙂

  3. Simar how crisp yet on point was that! You really have the knack of being less verbose and delivering the messages across – past , present and future all captured so well.

    Am looking forward to getting to know you better in our blogging journeys too .. I have a feeling that .. In a group of random people you’d be the sane sound of logic and rationale !!

    Let the journey begin ..

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