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Hi friends. The title for this post might seem like being inspired from some book  to you but actually the author copied my idea, changed a couple of words and released a book which as you all might know became one of the best sellers in India. 😉
Sunday – often a rest day for me but not this time. Today is March 29 – the last sunday before the yearly closing of the financial year on March 31 which also is the very last date for filing of income tax returns by the assessees without any penalty except the interest for late payment of tax. So, this time, I celebrated my sunday in the office itself.It was ok for me as I had expected such a sunday. And by the way, I surely think there is an urgent need for some legal & financial awakening in the common people’s India as usually 30% of the assessees file their return in this last month. Jaago Re India!!
And well, I have got my computer practical for graduation finals in college tomorrow. So, wish me luck.

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