In a surprise move on 8th November, our PM announced the demonetization of existing series of high denomination notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 from the coming midnight. In simple words, the Govt. effectively made Rs. 500/ Rs. 1,000 notes non-eligible for any market transactions with almost immediate effect.


While this move attracted lots of criticism as well as appreciation for its impacts, nobody really cared on what these notes felt indeed. When you just shatter someone’s world, the feelings can’t be happy. I managed to get hold of one such Rs. 1000 note. He was crying his heart out since his importance in this country was all gone in seconds.


While I tried consoling him, this is how he really expressed his pain.

कभी रखा करते थे ख़ज़ानों में छिपाके हमें,
और कभी रखते थे सीने से लगाके हमें,
बाहर भी होती है एक दुनिया अलग सी,
पहले रखते थे तहखानों में दबाके हमें।

क्यूँ अब हमें बेगाना सा समझने लगे हैं,
कल तक अपने, आज पराया समझने लगे हैं,
क्यूँ लगने लगा है बुरा इतना साथ हमारा,
उनसे पीछा छुड़ाने को क़तारों में लगने लगे हैं।

अब समझ में आयी बात यह प्यारे,
सब समय समय की बात है प्यारे,
कभी बनके घूमा करते थे धनवान,
पर समय ना रहता एक सा प्यारे,
कल तक हम थे सभी की चाहत,
आज सब पूछे तुम कौन हो प्यारे,
जो शान से घूमा करते थे साथ हमारे,
आज वो ही पूछे तुम कौन हो प्यारे।

The pain of Rs. 1000 note indeed throws some interesting insights on the human behaviour in this selfish world. Let’s not be a part of that selfish race and be kind.

But yes, don’t be so kind that you don’t get your Rs. 1000 notes exchanged. After all, everybody has to leave this world as per its destiny, and in this case, destiny of Rs. 1000 note was decided by the Govt.

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  1. Feelings are the same, be it a disregarded person or a note.
    Very well expressed Simar ji.

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