Hi Friends!!
How are you all? Sitting on the chair and penning down a post for my blog while I watch Fashion on TV and IPL match between Mumbai & Punjab seems to be a good combo. Though right now, match is not giving me any exciting moment as Punjab team has set a pretty low target, although the last time these teams met, target was the same and Punjab won in an exciting match. So, praying that Sachin does not score much thi stime and so do his teammates, I wish that history repeats itself.

So, while the match is going out of Punjab’s hands, I swap the channel to Fashion. Really don’t have any choice at a tiring day’s end.

So, while my life is going through a no excitement zone these days, tomorrow is a day when Simar will vote for the first time. Last phase for the elections is tomorrow and my city goes into polls too, and well, as that Jaago Re ad conveys, I don’t intend to sleep tomorrow and vote for sure.

The whole Punjab goes to vote tomorrow and so do I!!

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