It’s certainly very exciting being a blogger and expressing your heart on whatever you want to speak about. It gets even more interesting when there are certain events and activities which are made exclusive for the bloggers. I noticed an invite from in my inbox which invited only male bloggers for the activity. Curious about the activity, especially the keyword #sniffsniff, it was certainly something I got excited about. I immediately registered for the activity, as the destiny was meant to be, I was selected for the activity.
However, I was really clueless about how the activity is going to work out. It was a hot Sunday noon and I was just about the bathe, when the doorbell rung.
Certainly Not the right place to use the Wooden Clip!
As I went to open the door, there was a delivery boy handing me over a BlogAdda packet with a wooden clip which was stuck on the nose on the face over another paper in the packet. You may call it coincidence, it was just about the time I was going to remove my body odour by having a nice bath in the fresh water that the blogadda packet arrived. Out of curiousity, I tried all the permutations for what the clue might be all about. But yes, one thing was sure, it was something to do with body odour.
But yes, the clue was interesting and since I knew there will be three clues before the surprise is revealed, it was more exciting. The next day, I kept asking at home if there was any more packet. But no, there wasn’t. The next clue finally arrived on Tuesday. But hey, it was a clue to make you clueless.
The Mysterious Potli

The box contained a small cloth bag, or what we used to call a ‘potli’, and guess what, the potli contained coffee beans. While the first clue made me almost sure about something related to Body odour, the second clue was seemed of no help, but may be I will have it in a coffee mug sometime. The frangrance of coffee beans makes me feel, a great coffee lies within. Then, I just tried googling anylink between coffee beans and body odour and bingo, coffee beans are a great source to stimulate body to oppose the odour.

Guess Who Spilt the Beans!
The detective within me was getting more excited to receive the third and final clue. And yeah, when I received it, I could not stop laughing. It was an air mask and believe me, with the kind of sweaty journeys Metro makes me undergo, this is the only way out.
Protect yourself from All the Bad Air!

But all this made me conclude that a new product to eliminate body odour is on its way, but the way its being unleashed is surely something new and exciting.

I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #sniffsniff at BlogAdda. Lets’ see if Sherlock Simar Holmes was successful in his first case.

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