It was my friends’ wedding and I could not carry my DSLR since it was supposed to be a rail ka safar and carrying an extra handbag just or the DSLR was not really advisable given the care a DSLR demands. Of course, I had my cellphone, but it certainly can’t match the quality a DSLR can fetch us. All the way in the train, I was just thinking on why I don’t have a handy digicam with me, which I can carry with me anytime without caring to carry an extra handbag which I invariably have to carry for a DSLR. While on my way from railway station to the wedding venue, I just noticed a hoarding of which was advertised as ‘Buyer aur Seller ka Perfect Matchmaker’. Since there was already a ‘to buy’ thing going in my mind, the ad managed to convince me to at least test the site once.
Search for the Quikr App
Once I reached the wedding venue, I noticed that I was quite ahead of the time for the function. So, I just thought to try my hands on the Google Play Store to check if the site I had noticed on the way had an Android App. The search was a Success and a cool Quikr app was on my screen.
Product Search
The app has a user-friendly graphical interface showing 12 different categories, including products, services, real estate etc. So, it can be treated as a one-stop shop for any buyer.

For the convenience of its users, it also has a ‘search’ button right on top of the app. Having a friendly app in my hand and a product in my mind, I wasted no time in searching for a camera. Already having a DSLR, all I was looking for was a decent point-and-shoot digicam which can be carried conveniently. The website is also containing an easy-to-use interface and Quikr Digicams in Delhi got me to the listings I was interested in. Doing a little research about it got me aware that Sony has the best range in this point-and-shoot category. Some more search at Google and Flipkart to get a product close to my range of Rs. 5k-7k got me closer to the model I needed to search at Quikr. So, I made a search for ‘Sony W710’ Digicam.

There were three sellers for the product and all the locations were within a reasonable distance from my home/ office. So, I thought to contact all the three sellers. Two price tags
were Rs. 5,000/- each and one had Rs. 3,000/-. Since the MRP of the cam was Rs. 6,000/- approx. So, the bargain was good enough but yes, obviously the product condition had a role to play in it.

Contacting the seller in the Quikr App is pretty simple. There are three buttons:
  1. Call – The app opens the phone dialer for you to call the seller.
  2. SMS – The app opens the phone messaging app to message the seller.
  3. Reply – The app opens an in-built mailing function to send a message to the seller through Quikr.

I used the in-built contact feature to send messages to all the three sellers.

The reaction time was quicker from one of the sellers, or I should say, no longer a seller, since he had already got his product sold through Quikr itself the same day he posted the app but forgot to hide the advertisement. Obviously, the was quicker for him, but yes, he gave me a thumbs up for the product and he also said that only reason he sold his cam was that he had bought a DSLR. I jokingly said that I was buying the cam for the same reason. Also, this seller was the Rs. 3,000/- seller so, now I was left with two sellers, both with price tag of Rs. 5,000/-.

By the time our conversation through SMS ended, the function I was there to attend was about to start. So, while my first step to shop was already completed, I thought to enjoy the function. After the function, while we were moving towards our rooms to rest for the night and then proceed back home, I noticed that I had got replies from other seller as well. He was willing to sell that product. I asked if it was OK for me to call at that time and finally, after a couple of minutes of conversation, the deal was closed subject to me testing the product for its working condition. What was good for me that he was quite close to my home and also, the seller was giving away a 4 GB memory card with the camera within the same price. Also, he was giving the original purchase invoice from which was just 3 months old and thus, I could still enjoy the manufacturer’s warranty. While I was moving to bed, there was a sense of happiness within me for two reasons, one for my friend who was entering another phase of her life, and secondly, next time I need a cam, I need not depend solely on my DSLR and I have my Sony point-and-shoot cam as well with me.
Next day, after I got back home, I called the seller who agreed to meet at Domino’s Pizza outlet in the evening where I checked the product, which was looking fresher than a new piece. Possibly, the product had been used just once or twice. Still an Indian heart wanted to save some cash, I tried my hands on bargaining, which although is not something I am really good at. Bravo! The seller was kind enough to give it to me for Rs. 4,800/- and I immediately finalized the deal. Cash exchanged hands, and so did the product. I got the camera, original Sony pouch, 4 GB memory card enough for 800 photos and Flipkart invoice for the warranty part.

Well, I just forgot that we had a great Pizza time as well and the seller didn’t allow me to pay for it as well.
So, now I am a proud owner of a DSLR and a chhotu cam as well. So, better be nice to me or else I will shoot you. 🙂
No wonder, with such a convenient and successful experience, I am going to recommend this website to my friends and hopefully, will also try to be a seller myself over there, but may be my buyer won’t get a free pizza, but a big Jaadoo Ki Jhappi. Quikr indeed is a Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller.
So, No fikar #SHOPQUIKR
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