Today’s the day I have started my blog and I really thought to unfold some hidden mysteries of my life. But what happened in Pakistan a few hours ago forced me to share it with all of you.

Sri Lanka’s Cricket team which was on a tour of Pakistan was attacked by 12 militants on their way to Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore while they were going to the stadium to continue the test macth. Thanks to the security personnel and bus driver, all the players escaped the scene quickly though a couple had bullets in their bodies too but the wounds weren’t any serious.

Cricketers might have escaped safely but it kicks off some really serious questions from my mind. What had happened if instead of shotguns, they had grenades in their hands? The entire team would have blown in a matter of seconds. In a country like Pakistan where militancy is said to develop its roots, security should have been on a high priority. Though a number of terror attacks have happened during the sporting tours, but as far as I can remember, it was the first time sportpersons have been attacked directly by the militants. This could really have an adverse impact on Pak Cricket and I just hope a better future for very much talented Pak Cricketers.

With mixed emotions of attack in Pakistan and India’s win in New Zealand, I really had a much satisfying day today. Completed lots of pending jobs in hand today. And most important of all, I just sent my forms for registration to CA Final course.

And yes, while writing this post, I am once again reminding myself that my graduation exams are also approaching. So, got to start study for that too very soon and I hope that the time to start comes really very soon. 😛

One thought on “Terrorism – Unhealthy for International Sports!!”

  1. this was a gud one.. n u really hav done a gud start by chosing this topic.
    Also the way u wrote it.. first expatiating the details of the incident..n then expressing your feelings abt it n moreover.. wishing gud for Pak cricketers after this incident.. really proved the caption u gave for your blog..
    n i wud say.. dat yes its from Direct dil se.. adding.. a little more taste.. dat its not only Direct.. but PURE Dil se.

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