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Jennifer was all very tensed with her heart still beating up for Kareem. She wanted the hostages to be free but she did not want Kareem’s body lying still in front of her either. Between the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’, Jennifer hoped to save Kareem from the rescue teams. But the fight eventually went into the favor of ‘right’ since the video posted by Cyrus was
running continuously in front of her eyes. “I need to go inside, I need to save Kareem from all this and get him away from this materialistic world. We shall have our new world somewhere far away.”
But with each bullet sound, Jennifer’s heart was beating at a faster pace than before. She thought to talk to Kareem.
“Where have you been? Its all over the news that the hotel is getting freed up from the hours long siege. Bullet sounds are all over the outer space. Hope you are fine.” Jennifer went to some private space and called inside the hotel.
“Its all getting spoiled. The army is already within the hotel. But inshallah, we will achieve our mission. Aryan has just managed to get away from the lobby. That bloody Shekhar! Uski wali toh tumhare saath hi hai na. She will come to our rescue if he catches us.” Kareem asked in a tone which frightened Jennifer.
“Huzoor, apki zindgi mere saath hi hai.” Jennifer replied in a manner to console Kareem.
Jennifer was going all in and out to think how she can get inside the hotel. She wanted the hostages free and she wanted Kareem and somewhere her brain was telling her that only one of the two was possible.
Jennifer asked the special cell team on the ground carefully monitoring the situation inside if she could go inside the hotel. “Sending me inside can really help your team. I know one of them really well and I can be go really close to the attackers without any harm to my life.”
Suraj, who was second in command after Shekhar, was all in dilemma whether to let her in or not, or more specifically, whether to believe her or not.
“I know its hard to trust someone who has already tried to deviate you from the prime agenda, but please trust me. Shekhar has trusted me till now, the prime concern for me is just the safety of the hostages.” Tara said in a tone to convince Suraj further.
“Give me some time.” Suraj said in a stressed tone. He knew he already had lesser time.
“Delta to Alpha, come in Sir.”
“Delta, come in.”
“Jennifer wants to get in the hotel. She says she wants the hostages be freed.” Suraj seeked guidance from Shekhar.
“We already are clueless about the location of the terrorists. Our team has already cleared two floors and only thing we can find are dead bodies. Lets play blind. I think we should let her in. What do you suggest?” Shekhar said, though in a bit unconvincing sound, but his heart knew his intuitive ability has never let her down.
“Sir, we don’t seem to have a choice. I think we may take a chance.”
“Over and out.”
Suraj now seemed to have a fair idea of what his course of action was going to be.
“Jennifer, our team is already in. So, if you think you will be able to fool us around, you may be wrong. We are attaching a secret cam to your earring. It should not get broken at any cost. Just remember that.” Suraj tried to assure Jennifer that it was their choice and not helplessness which was allowing her to go in.
That was a really smart call from Suraj. Getting a cam in the earring also meant that he could hear everything whenever Jennifer conversed with anyone over phone.
And bang on! The very first call gave them the location of the terrorists.
“Kareem, I have managed to get in the hotel through kitchen area at the back. Where are you and our team?” Jennifer tried to know his whereabouts.
“Ahana, we are all spread out on different floors from 4th to 8th floor. I am on the 5th floor.
However, Aryan is still untraceable. But you stay away from the scene. The army seems all within the hotel and we are close to reach Jannat, inshallah.”
“No, I won’t. I have done the recce of the hotel earlier and I know a way out. I surely can help you get out of here safe, Kareem. I need to meet you.”
While Jennifer aka Ahana was trying to convince Kareem to get out of the hotel safely, Suraj heard all this conversation through the secret cam.
He immediately conveyed the information to Shekhar. “Suraj, make sure, our team should not go to Floor 5. We can nab this one alive. And till the time Jennifer is there with him, I think he will do no harm.”
Was Jennifer worthy of this much trust? The question was getting back on Shekhar’s mind again and again but he just remembered Roohi’s silly facebook status a couple of days back which read ‘Listen to your Heart. It may be on the left, but it’s always right.’
Finally, he decided to trust her.
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