While I was trying to have some rest this weekend after a hectic week, I saw the news of Bomb Blasts. The terror quotient has been high in India since a long time and I fail to recognise the reason why a country with more than a billion heads is failing to cope up with terror. These days specifically, the news channels had been giving news of life after 26/11. It was a day which shook the whole nation. Its already been a year since the incident but the terror trails don’t seem to have not been tracked yet. For many of us, the life has been going on just like always but for those who lost someone dear in these attacks, the life might never be the same.

I just tried writing a few lines on the issue and would like you to share these with you. Following lines are my tribute to the Mumbai Attacks anniversary in a sincere hope that such attacks don’t happen again.

Huyi thi kahin goliyon ki baarish,
Aur uthne laga tha udher kuch dhuan.
Kuch gharon mein chhaya sannaatta us din,
toh kayi gharo ke bujhe chirag wahaan.
Salaam un veeron ko jo de gaye jaan apni,
Par hamari suraksha se samjhauta na kia.
Khud jheli goliyan seene pe apne,
par fanse huyon ko azad unhone kia.
Pani ke raste maut leke aye the jo,
Umaut ko unhi ke naam unhone kia.
Hamla kia jo Taj aur Oberoi par achanak,
toh unhone iitt ka jawab pathar se dia.
Ek saal guzar chuka hai us din ko,
par sach mein kya kuch badla hai yahan?
Badla hai mahaul ya badli hai fiza,
badla hai toh bas grah mantri yahan.
Jaago tum aur chuppi apni todo,
Kahin aadat na tumhari ban jaye sona.
Uthao awaz apni na ruko us pal k liye,
Jab tumhein bhi pad jaye koi apna khona.
Aao jad se khatm kre is aatank ko,
nai toh humein bhi pad skta hai rona.
Uthao awaz apni na ruko us pal ke liye,
jab tumhein bhi pad jaye koi apna khona.

Disclaimer :- No part of this poem should be copied or published in any form without prior permission. Anyone desirous of doing so can contact me at simardeep88@hotmail.com

14 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mumbai Attacks!!”

  1. Nice attempt..
    I also sincerely hope that this never happen again. 🙂 Amen 🙂

    P.S. There r some typos.. try to avoid that and add translation for non-hindi readers.. 🙂

  2. I think its the need of the hour simar. we people are really sleeping as if nothing happened. we forget evrythng so easily reason being nothing happened with us. The real loss is to those who have really lost their loved ones in that attack. Nothing has happened in this context just as u have written except the home minister part.Damn to us..! its really sad n painful. I think these lines could be a kind of little tribute to those people and the situation who really faced the disaster. May god give peace to those lives..!

  3. Jo vi likheya hai it was necessary to awake people from there deep sleep in which everyone is by ignoring this,one who suffers knows the pain,unless n until one is not involved one does not recognize the pain. rabb kare agli varr kuch vadia topic te likhen tu rather on such a tragic topic

  4. heya those were realy painful lines tht u penned down.as it brought a complete picture of d last year's scene in front of my eyes n recalled d sacrifices of many soldiers.. it brought tears in my eyes n i felt tht many families losted a part of their family… so seriusly hats off to those brave families..
    salute to our indian soldiers..

  5. Salute to All the Soldiers and their families
    You have done a gr8 Work Simar
    A true tribute to our Soldiers So A big Thankuuuuuuuuu for writing such painful and true lines.Hope and Pray that such days never come again.God Bless

  6. Terrorism has been the biggest problem of our country to which our defence ministry still has no clear views.. Something needs to done and that too seriously.

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