While I was into my world of dreams yesterday, I dreamt of a genie, named WeChat who allowed me few wishes if I wanted to connect with few people and have interaction with them. I just thought it to be a nice chance to interact with few personalities, which I have always been wanting to.
1. Madhuri Dixit – Starting with the lady luck, I asked WeChat Genie for a smile I have always been loving, Madhuri Dixit. Even while I am writing this post narrating my dream yesterday, I can see that always beautiful and awesome smile on TV. I would like to know how she can be so graceful always wearing a beautiful smile. Given a chance to interact, I will use Personal Messaging facility to seek an opportunity to meet her in person. Nevertheless, WeChat genie also told that I could use Video Chat facility to talk with her.
Jab tak in-person na sahi, tab tk Video Chat pe hi guzara kar lenge.
2. Amitabh Bachchan – Continuing my wishlist, I asked WeChat genie to connect me with Amitabh Bachchan. I have been a big fan of his humble nature. He immediately connected me to Big B, who was supposedly busy shooting for Kaun Banega Crorepati. While I wished to connect with him to know the reason behind his humility and if the same could be incorporated into our own lives, he started asking me few questions, which I answered and I got a wild card entry to the show.
Yeh toh Sone pe Suhaga ho gea.
3. Chacha Chaudhary (Comics Character) – Going back to my childhood days, WeChat genie was asked to connect me with Chacha Chaudhary. I had heard that his brain works faster than computer. I just wished to know that in this era of highly fast processors, whether the fact of his brain working faster than computers still holds valid. Not only was I curious about this fact, I was equally curious to know more about Saabu, his partner, who had come from Jupiter and Raaka, his enemy who will not die due to some ‘amar’ dawa. Knowing more about Saabu’s land, and knowing that Jupiter had life would definitely excite NASA scientists as well. I will also earn a reward for communicating the fact to NASA.
Sone pe Suhaga Part II.
4. The inner self, Simardeep Singh – Looking to connect to people world over, I noticed we spend too less of our time interacting with ourselves, which is one of the most important interactions one should have on a regular basis. So, it was time to connect with myself.  I noticed that connecting with the inner self didn’t only relax my mind, but also eased all the stress and tensions present in my mind.
Duniya bhar se milne ka tym hai, par khud se milne ko hi waqt nahi.
But before I could chat further with my inner self, my world of dreams just broke up and I woke up.  I realized that WeChat is a Global Mobile app providing chat platform to users across different platforms. WeChat offers many unique and innovative features that offer the users to get more out of any mobile chat app available in the market. I had been thinking about the contest being run by WeChat, the whole night and consequently, I dreamt of the same. But when I recollected, I remembered that I could connect with just 4 people in my dreams, so I just thought to close the list.
5. WeChat Jury – Finally, when I began to think, that to close my list, whom I should connect to, I got along a great idea to connect with WeChat Jury, who will sit to decide the winner. I will like to know about the criteria they would be considering to choose the winner. Further, I have been listening a lot about Spot fixing in the news these days. Possibly, we can also strike a deal between us and reserve a prize for myself.
Well, that’s a small list of the people I would like to connect with on WeChat, but since it is a multi-featured application, I believe it will be helping me a lot in socializing in my own unique, creative and innovative ways. Mr. Shiv Khera has said, “Winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently.” It seems WeChat took this quote seriously and has incorporated many new and unique features within itself to emerge as a champion app.

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