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I have been writing most of my posts on a Sunday but this time, its a day earlier, a happy reason for it and a reason to cheer about. I am going on a small 2 day vacation to my Mamaji’s house in Ludhiana. If you are thinking that a 2-day vacation is bit short, ya it is but I could not have afforded a longer holiday from office, nor could I have had a holiday later this month or in the months to come due to audits coming up till September. So, just thought to write this week’s brief before I leave tomorrow morning.
The week started off its Day 1 with the India’s Finance Budget and well, now when we understand some provisions of the Income Tax Act and other tax statutes, it was a good experience to interpret the Finance Minister’s speech to know what changes he actually meant. For me, it is a good budget in a bad world economy. Moreover, it got some good and some not so good changes which we have been reading the whole week to decipher what Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, our FM has tried to enact.
The week gone has been pretty much relaxed at the office while I completed most of the tasks in hand comfortably. It got a bit tensing for me when one of the important documents got punched by me into the wrong file and I had a bad day searching for it all day. No good luck there and I had to recreate that whole document. 🙁 It took me a whole long day.
But the most important thing not happening this week has been the rains and the monsoons. Indian Meteorological Dept has been saying that monsoon has spread all over the country but if they happen to read this post, can they post something official on it? Monsoons seem nowhere in Punjab, particularly Amritsar and that’s why I chose the title for this post. There’s nothing official about it. But still a hope, monsoons will come soon.
And frenz, got to catch a train at 7 morning. So, have to get up a bit early.
Good Night!! God Bless!! :-z

One thought on “Where’s Monsoon?? Nothing Official About It!!”

  1. hmmm ….. i know … there has been some problem with th rains up north …. n i totally understand wt a 2 day break means to u…. 🙂 ….
    n be careful the next time u file in documents !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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