While travelling is the love of the world, the money factor does not allow many of them to travel to the destinations they desire. However, it is more about managing the trip well so that you get the best value out of your money. What matters the most is how you plan your trip and how you use your acumen to draft your itinerary. Going across the right path and spending wiser will no doubt increase your travel fun and will help you reach closer to your dream destination. Here are some handy money tips for the traveller in you:

1. Keep some Cash Handy

It might be convenient to always have some cash handy, since many of your eating joints, restaurants etc. might not be accepting your cards for the transactions, especially at some small towns. Further, paying tips is a custom and not paying the same is often considered rude. Keep the change ready for same.

Also, in an unfortunate situation of the credit card getting blocked, having some cash helps you cope up with the emergency situation. Another handy tip is to keep cash distributed at various places and not keep all your cash in a single place to avoid theft.

2. Check out hotel’s cancellation policy


Hotels across the locations have a clearly laid down cancellation policies and it is always helpful to be aware of it. No shows are generally charged for one night. Remember to cancel well in advance to avoid any cancellation charges and it is advisable to reconfirm all hotel reservations after you make an online booking. Even a high-tech hotel can make a complete mess out of your booking. Reaching the place and finding no room can spoil your entire vacation.

3. Travel off-season


Unless your vacation is all around a seasonal activity, it is always light on your pocket to travel off-season. You’ll get cheaper flights, higher availability of budget rooms, discount deals with luxury hotels, come across lesser crowd in the markets and at the end, the vacation will be much peaceful and enjoyable. Many travel destinations sans hill stations are good to travel throughout the year. Make the most of your time and money.

4. Google your Options

Instead of relying upon the local cab owners for directions/ options, it is always good if you can google the options available. There is a high probability that the cab owner has profit sharing with the option being suggested by them. While not all the cab owners are like that, but majority of them are indeed into such advisory thing. It pays well if you spend some time on Google/ TripAdvisor for your travel itinerary.

So, the next time you are travelling, these simple travel tips might help you go easy on your pockets on your vacation.

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2 thoughts on “Wish to Travel Happy – Some Money Tips”

  1. These are some good tips for travellers especially the off season one. You get good deals sometimes in off season.

  2. Nice tips. Do you think going with a local travel operator will ensure some peace of mind if something goes wrong (compared to a travel deal you book off the cuff online)…

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