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Its been quite a sunny week for me and the life enjoying each bit of it. The week passed by quite exciting for me, with simply no special reasons for it. This week again, I happened to see a couple of Hindi movies. First one was London Dreams, a movie which has great dreams in it. I quite liked the movie and personally, I loved the concept. Music was not the thing that inspired me to see the movie as I thought it to be quite loud comparable to what I like to listen but well, it surely goes with the story in the movie. And well, then it was from London Dreams to Jail for me. 😛 A commendable job done by the ever-good Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar, though I didn’t see Konkana this time in Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie. I believe that the movie would surely touch your inner soul, just like it touched mine. It has no regular bollywood masala but you don’t expect the same from Madhur Bhandarkar either. The movie also convinces me that Neil Nitin Mukesh and Mugdha Godse have a bright future ahead in acting. 😀
The title of the post might remind you of the Sholay movie but I hope next time you hear these lines, you remember a few lines written by me. 😀 Enjoying my Sunday, I was watching Dostana on my TV set yesterday and then, I started penning a couple of lines regarding my views on Friendship (Dosti). I just thought to share those with all of you. Here these are :
Na ho dosti agar is dunia mein,
toh yeh dunia hamein jhoothi si lage,
Na ho dosti ka hansi mazak jo kahin, toh zindagi kuch roothi si lage.. Ik dosti ke bal pe hum dunia sakte hain jeet, zindagani mein is dosti k sang dil k gayein geet.. Rkhna na gila koi sath doston ke kabhi, yeh sab toh hote hain man ke meet.. Dosti se nek rishta nai hum koi jante, is rishte ki dor hum dil se hai bandhte.. Dosti ka rishta hi sbse pyara hota hai, is rishte ke sang na koi bhi rota hai.. Hmari b Dosti ka rang kbhi fika padega nahi, aise dil ko tumhare hum rang jayenge.. Likhvana chaho toh chahe likhva lo kahin, Yeh vada k dosti hum ant tak nibhayenge..  Dosti hmari kb tk rhegi kayam, is sawal mein kuch dam nahi.. Parkhna chaho toh kbhi b parkh lena hmein, Manjdar mein jo chhod de aise dost hum nahi..  
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4 thoughts on “Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Chhodenge!!”

  1. hey really nice shayari … work on this .. trust me u can write a book .. we'll support u in it … 🙂

  2. hey d lines u wrote are really beautiful.n moreover very true. u knw friendship is like a flavour to life..without a good frnd, life is really dull.so whatevr u wrote is d fact.keep it up..n come wid more stuff like dis..!njy our frndshp.!

  3. kafi acha likha hai gud keep it up
    aur jo chodhne ki baat ki hai woh to aap aise kya vaise bhi nai chodh sakte becoz hum aise hain jise koi chohdan chahe to bhi hum use chodhne nai dete

    keep rocking
    god bless u

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