IPL matches must be keeping you busy in the evenings these days. Keeping a watch on the scores and the points table is indeed important for the people in a country where Cricket is treated like God. However, it often helps to keep a watch on your credit score too. They hold the key to your future money requirements.


For the banks considering lending you some money, this first impression is formed by looking at the credit score. Credit score, or CIBIL score as is generally called derives the name from the agency maintaining the database, is nothing but a score based on the credit history of an individual. Credit score reflects the borrowing and repayment habits of the person by providing information about the nature of loans (including credit cards) held by him. Since this report shows the number of loan accounts held with different banks, its repayment history, overdues status, it acts as a perfect barometer for a bank to judge the defaulting tendency of the borrower.

I wrote about improving the credit score at Moneyview blog and you can read the complete post here.

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