Hi Friends,

        It is turning out to be an exciting year for me with lots of new experiences, the latest being the memorable and unforgettable experience of attending and participating in the Punjab State Convention of CA Students.  
Whilst paper presentation was something which I had never really attempted before, there was some divine force this time which motivated me to write an article for the convention and apply for the paper presentation. Further, when I came to know of the topics given, I had to choose some topic which I could be confident with, more so because it could probably be my first paper presentation and confidence with the topic I had to present, was something which was most desirable. Finally, I chose to present on ‘Convergence with IFRS’ as I have been studying about IFRS and recent updates on it in Indian context in the recent times. Somehow, I managed to submit my entry for paper presentation in time and bu God’s grace, it got selected for the final paper presentation.
Being called for rehearsals 3 days before the final presentation, it became as a small little trip to Ludhiana for me.  In these 3 days of rehearsals, I surely learnt many new things. Also, interacting with the fellow presenters and members involved in the organising committee was an enriching experience. However, on the last day of the rehearsals, I was told to be well informed about my topic as the technical expert of the session in which my paper presentation was to be delivered, would be CA Vinod Jain Ji, Chairman, Board of Studies who was an expert in this field. Further, as it was supposed to be the first technical session, Prez of our Institute, CA Amarjit Chopra Ji might be present as well, another expert on the subject. Honestly speaking, this got me a bit nervous.
On the D-Day, when I reached the venue, I could already see a pretty good number of participants there. The inauguration happened quite on time and Prez of our Institute, CA Amarjit Chopra Ji and V.C. Panjab University, Prof. R.C. Sobti were before us. Now, it was time for the inaugural speeches by the worthy guests, before our technical sessions. The speeches were surely supposed to be something worth listening, as I had earlier came across some inspiring speeches by our Prez. In fact, it was one of his speeches only which inspired me to study on IFRS. the inaugural session got more fruitful for me as I had a small meet with Amarjit Chopra Ji and I shared some time with him. 
It was now time for the start of the proceedings of convention after the inaugural session and it was the time for my paper presentation, which was 2nd in queue after a paper presentation on Role of CA in Corporate Governance. We were sharing dias with CA Vinod Jain Ji, Chairman, BOS and other dignitaries. This proud moment for some time was taken over by the nervousness of facing large audience, which however faded away slowly. My paper presentation was well received by the audience and appreciated by the experts which was highly satisfying. At the end of the technical session, Vinod Jain Ji personally met each one of us and had positive comments for all of us.
Besides all the other technical sessions by my fellow friends, one special lecture on Communication Skills by CA CJS Nanda deserves a special mention here. He really delivered a small and crispy, yet so effective speech. I hope, all those who heard it out would agree with me. 
Further, between all the technical sessions and serious stuff at the convention, there were cultural evenings at the end of each day’s technical sessions, which were enjoyable to the extreme. All the performances were entertaining and helpful in leaving behind all the day’s tiredness. All in all, it was a wonderful experience for me at the Convention, something new, something exciting, something inspiring, something enriching. I also got in touch with some nice people out there and I hope I can continue to be in touch with them. 🙂
And its time for yummy lunch now. Have a good day all. God Bless. Sayonara. 

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