Hi Friends!!
I hope you all have been fine. Being late in updating my blog is getting common but keeping my schedule in mind, I try my best to update it as and when possible. However, this time was an exception and my busy schedule was not a reason for non-updation of the blog for 3 weeks. It was more a majboori this time, as my PC was under repairs for around 2 weeks, and it got finally OK yesterday.
Anyways, even though blogging after a long time, nothing really special went through my life except my brother’s birthday and yeah, my new phone. My brother was here on vacation to celebrate his birthday @ home and well, we had a small dinner outing a day after with a couple of his friends. Well, his vacation also helped me a bit for the fact that my PC was getting repaired all these days and I used to use his laptop to check out my mails, though I had to postpone replying to them. May be it was a blessing in disguise, that my PC had some problems in that time only. 😛
Barring the usual busy weeks and relaxing sundays not mentioning that weekly feature films, I would like to share the two weekend evenings spent by me with you all which really brought me more closer to the rich and diverse Punjabi culture. Last Sunday, firstly, it was party time and we college friends had gathered for a small party, more importantly a get-together party, as it was first time we were meeting after our college ended. It was fun and well, the meet once again reminded us that the college has ended. Anyways, the evening had more for me. After the party, I got informed that my family had gone to see a play ‘B.A. Pass’ written by the renowned Punjabi Novel Writer S. Nanak Singh and I had to join them. Though I got a bit late inr eaching the venue and the play had already started, I enjoyed watching every bit of it. The play was regarding a B.A. Pass student, who was made to study by his father by facing hard times in life and getting loans from other people for his studies, in a hope that he would support his father and family in his old age. However, the boy, on becoming graduate, feels like getting imprisoned staying in village, just because he is a graduate now. (Being a graduate was a luxury in those times, remember the play was written in 1952). He finally leaves his home and hurts his father’s emotions. However, with a degree in hand, but no practical experience/training with him, he finds it difficult to earn his living and finally realises what wrong he has done and finally gets back to his village and home. I may not be able to convey the same emotions I felt like while watching the play, the play surely conveyed a lot more. I also plan to make a reading of the novel, though don’t know if that would take an actual shape. At the same time, I also felt a bit happy on the fact that I am doing a course which not only imparts me theoretical training but also helps me equip with practical experiences. 😀
And well, this Sunday, or I should say today, I have just returned from being a part of a cultural evening out here , primarily meant to celebrate a typical Punjabi festival ‘Teeyan’. It is basically a time of joy for punjabi women where they enjoy swings in the rains (in the month of Saawan). It was a nice cultural program and renowned punjabi folk singer Gurmeet Bawa was also present there. She still sounds too good and unfuses a lot of power into her voice and singing, even though being in 60’s of her life. I personally enjoyed being there a lot.
While I am writing this post, I am also sensing that this might have been my last free Sunday for the next 4-5 weeks as we may have to work overtime in office incuding Sundays to complete the audit work by the due dates i.e. September 30.
I also request Rain God to bless our city with some rains through my blog. Rabba Rabba Meenh Varsa. We are really finding it hard to have some downpour in our city. I don’t know where Mr. Monsoon is hiding out here.
And yes, before I end up with my post, I wish all of you, a very very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and Happy Ramzan.
Good Night Friends. It’s been a nice day today with a lovely ending.

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