Hi Friends,
Just wished to share it with all of you that an article written by me on IFRS 1 ‘First Time Adoption of IFRS‘ got published in CA Students’ Journal in its March 2010 issue. It was great to see my article in the journal and more great to receive nice and positive feedback on my article from the CA Members and Students fraternity.

You can check out my article by clicking the link below :
An Overview of IFRS 1 – First Time Adoption of IFRS 

I would surely be waiting for your comments on my article. 🙂

P.S. If you are wondering, what is IFRS, it stands for International Financial Reporting Standards. India is planning to converge to it by 01.04.2011 and hence, all the entities would need to use principles of IFRS 1 in the first year of reporting under the global financial reporting standards.

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