The picture above is the painting of Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci. It is kept on exhibition in Le Louvre museum in Paris, France. Once a while, even you must have seen this painting in pictures and even if you hadn’t till now, you have seen it now. One thing that has got many people curious about it was why is this painting so famous? I believe one of the most probable answers is due to her mysterious, yet so cute smile. This is the magic a smile can have on anybody.

When I was asked to explain ‘smile’ in one of my workshops, I chose to describe it as ‘a simple curve that sets many things straight.’ And certainly that’s the philosophy I really believe in. A smiling face certainly tones down any high-voltage situation. I have personally experienced how a simple smile can just transform your thought process. It helps generate positive emotions within us and around us. No wonder, we feel very positive and happy when we have children around us – they often smile more.

It is often said, Smile a day keeps the sadness away. But yes, I experienced it when I came across a creative snack from McCain India while I was in Hyderabad a couple of months back. We were participating in a residential course on Derivatives in the outskirts of city and to think of going in the city to hang around was a large ask then. It was a 7-day course which also had a Raksha Bandhan festival day within that time. Obviously, away from family, almost everyone was a bit sad that day. We had our exam next day and since the sadness was coupled along with the anxiety of the exam. During the lunch, we just asked the mess people what was there for dinner that night, since that was supposed to be our last night. We just checked if there was some scope to have something different from our daily routine. One of our friends, who happened to be from Hyderabad itself, suggested that we might get some frozen food from outside which would be easier for the mess staff to prepare and we could also have something different.


An hour later, we had a few McCain snack packets in our hands, McCain smiles, McCain Chilly Garlic Bites and McCain French Fries. We asked the mess staff to help us have it in tea and even the mess staff was highly amazed on the simplicity of making it. Since we 5-6 friends were involved into this discussion, the rest 30 people were still unaware of the surprise snacks. So, we had a good time seeing our friends’ expressions change from stressed faces to smiling faces, helped by the smileys on the plate. Smiles are certainly highly infectious. McCain snacks certainly changed the mood that day for us. Here’s the recipe :


It is often said, smiles get doubled when shared. But these McCain smiles do get lesser, when shared. Obviously they more than make up for it by increasing the smiles on our faces.

The ‘Smiling Sardar’ signing off with a smile now. 🙂

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