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How does Tara know Ahana? Why is Ahana saved as Jennifer in Tara’s mobile? Why is Ahana calling his wife?

These were some of the questions that were pretty much occupying Shekhar’s mind at this moment. One moment, he thinks he should confront his wife and fetch all the more details he can but on the other hand, he suspects there might be some informers to the terrorists who may still be present at the Railway Station. Deciding to continue his uninformed presence in Delhi, Shekhar notes down Jennifer aka Ahana’s cell number from the call log in Tara’s mobile. Thinking that it would be important to remain in touch with his wife, he decides to drop the phone on the platform itself instead of handing it over but he also makes sure that while dropping Tara’s phone back on the platform, Roohi has her eyes of her Papa. He winks at Roohi and signals her to ask Mummy to pick her phone up.
“Oh baby! You got us scared today.” Tara hugged Roohi.
“Mumma, I had to be strong. I can’t afford to be a crying baby of the journalist the whole of the nation is watching. I want to talk to Papa as well. He must be worried.”
“Oh, Yes! He indeed was. Let me connect a call to him.” Surprised and amazed, Tara is searching for her phone. Roohi, being a fine actress, seemingly unknowingly picks up the phone from the platform.
Shekhar calls up Police Control Room and hands them over Ahana’s number to track all the details about the call records. Shekhar calls up his team to check the status at Continental Hotel which continues to be under the terror siege. As per the latest information available with the special cell, the hotel had 100+ guests, a majority of which are of non-Indian origin and the respective countries have been pressing upon raising the safety issues of their citizens, adding on to the pressure on Shekhar who is leading the ‘Operation R’.
Tara and Roohi are taken into the medical van stationed at the station itself for some medical assistance while the nabbed terrorists are taken under custody by the special cell commandos. Siiting inside the medical van, Tara notices Jennifer’s missed call.
“Oh! I just missed to communicate to Jennifer that I am leaving from Hotel site to cover Railway station and more importantly, save Roohi.” Tara exclaimed.
“Hey Jenni! Just saw your call. Where are you? Hope you are safe.”
“Tara, I’m outside the Continental Hotel. I managed to take a couple of pictures inside. It’s a bloodbath all the way in the lobby. But where are you?” Jennifer said breathing heavily.
“Are you fine? I am at Railway station. I saw Roohi on the gun point on the news coverage at the station and I could not resist coming at the site.”
 “Just wait there, I’ m coming there.” Jennifer is all perplexed and surprised.
“Jenni, just wish you were here right now. Special cell has nabbed the mastermind to the attacks and is now taking them over in safe custody. It would have been a promotion-fetching coverage.”

“Oh, that’s great.” With a happy expression over the call, Jennifer looked tensed, extremely tensed. But before saying anything else, she deliberately disconnects the call and dials another number.

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