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Today is the birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, and on this occassion, I just thought to share a powerpoint presentation made by me about Shaheed Bhagat Singh, one of the real heroes on Indian Struggle of Independence. You can download the presentation file from http://www.4shared.com/file/135793193/5480e1f4/Shaheed_Bhagat_Singh.html.
I think it is high time to spread the word as the real heroes of the country are getting forgotten by the country’s youth especially. Do forward the presentation to all your friends and relatives and make them aware of some glimpses of life of Shaheed Bhagat Singh.
Inquilab Zindabad.
P.S. Just didn’t get a better ending to this post than through the slogan popularised by Shaheed Bhagat Singh. 🙂

One thought on “A Tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh!!”

  1. shat shat naman un shaheedo ko jo haste haste fansi par chad gye..

    even i also want to mention tht one of my grandpa's frn recently told me abt bhagat singh n he was saying he was such a brave person. he was smiling at d tym of his death as he had no fear 4 tht n thr was a shine in his eyes.
    n sory to say tht todays young generation just know abt having fun, clubbing etc. they hv no such feelings 4 thr country as bhagat singh had..
    they can die 4 thr gf nt on nation…
    sory to say bt thts d truth….

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