A Sunday is a Sunday after all..  What does it mean for me? It means an off from the office, a day to just connect back to all my friends whom I haven’t been able to while I’m busy with my other commitments and some time to just sit back & relax.
I had a great Sunday today because I just relaxed the whole day. 😀 A free Sunday was what I had been really wanting for since past so many weeks. I happened to see the repeat telecast of ‘Oye It’s Friday‘ on NDTV Imagine in the afternoon and really wish to say that it was great, the best part was the performance of Anoushka Shankar there. I am just hunting for the video for the same on the net and if I get that, it would surely be up here for all of you. 🙂
And well, right now, m just having a feast out here with Page 3, Jab We Met and Filmfare Awards on different channels. So, just having some busy time surfing between the channels in between the advertisements, thankfully the ad timings are good. 😀 Page 3, the movie I just loved the first time I saw it.. i have had a bit experience of being with the journalists and what I have seen, the movie is a perfect picturisation of it.. Jab We Met, the movie which just gives you a reson to smile.. Just listen to your heart and you’ll be happy.. And lastly, Filmfare Awards – most reputed awards along ith Star Screen but then the show is just giving me some nice moments and once again, lots of fun & smile and giving some more reasons to me for stay tuned into Filmfare, Imran & Ranvir are just doing great job there  (“,)
And while I enjoy my weekend bonanza, I wish a great week ahead for all of you. And just don’t forgot, my search for Anoushka Shankar’s performance video will resume tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Bonanza with Page 3, Jab We Met & Filmfare!!”

  1. It was a great sunday, i also saw oye its friday it was gud n sonam was gud even i happend to see repeat telecast of jhalak3 which was nice

  2. i can understand ur excitement for sunday cos i too undergo the same sloggin thru out week in office… filmfare was a gr8 change.. njoyed it…

  3. hey.. its very much true. dat sunday is a bonanza to all of us. reading ur post, comments u got, n analyzing my life.. i really feel.. dat v people nw a days are only left wid one sunday to hav sociality in our life. dun u feel simar back days were more gud.. whn v wer’nt havin ny responsibilities like v hav today.. rushing d whole week for one or the other thng.atleast v dint hav to listen d same words which i get to from my frnds..”dat ab to tu boht busy ho gyi hai..time nahi hai hamare liye.” you knw wht.. sumtimes i feel dat.. if dis sunday ws not supposed to come every week.. i thnk all of us wud hav lost d word frnds, family and entertainment from our life. thank god for the weekend.. which givs us a refreshening spirit to again run in our life wid dat new energy and again waitin ..spcly on fridays n feelin d need on saturdays .. for our so called bonanza weekend.

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